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Who are we ?

Malena started in 2013, selling Spanish hand fans In 2014, we got to know Lunatango, then a relatively new brand of tango shoes from Buenos Aires and were immediately convinced. Since then you can meet us at milongas, encuentros and festivals in Belgium, Holland and Germany. You are welcome to visit us in Antwerp (Borgerhout), near Zurenborg, for your personal fitting appointment.
Our mission is  "to give our customers  a top dance experience providing elegant, stable and hight-quality dance shoes."

tangoschoenen chaussures de tango Antwerpen België


Tangoshoes handmade with love and care in Buenos Aires designed by dancers for dancers.

Diego & Marie, he from Buenos Aires, she from Paris. They love tango and met at a milonga in Boedo, Buenos Aires. Love and passion for tango  resulted in a beautiful collection of tango shoes...The shoes are made by hand by artisans with an eye for comfort, elegance and  stability. All materials are chosen and processed with care.


A mix of the Latin feminine way of expression and the Swedish comfortable and practical approach to footwear.

Katrin Urwitz was a wigmaker and makeup artist in Sweden, started dancing tango in Buenos Aires. This awoke her interest in shoes and how they are made. As a result of this personal journey she started Katrinski. The bigger part of the production she does herself, from idea to design and through all the steps to a finished pair of shoes.


Absolute innovation of dance shoes achieved by the style and quality of italian artisanal tradition

2HB was born honoring the handmade artisan shoes tradition. For almost a century we worked with the highest production standards.Our collections represent the absolute innovation of the dance shoes achieved through the style and the quality of Italian artisanal tradition.


Tango Leike is 100% passion combined with

100% Italian craftmanship

Fernando Eidis founded TangoLeike in Buenos Aires. The brand's name incorporates Leike, Frenando's mother's name and the first time she saw the name in print a smile crossed her face. Fernando gets his inspiration from life and nature.

In 2013 the brand successfully fused Argentine passion and Italian craftmanship. TangoLeike has an elegant line of shoes for women with hallux valgus that make you dance all night long.

Schrijf je in en blijf op de hoogte

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